Sunday, July 17, 2011

Potluck Club

Since I couldn't keep moving Friday Night Foodie to every single day... my foodie crew came up with a new tradition that kicked off only a few hours ago --- we are now dubbed the Potluck Crew :)

This brilliant idea came about because we got sick of eating out (okay, that's a lie), spending unnecessary amounts of money (this one's true), and soaking up all the extra sodium that restaurants just seem to loveee. But we love to eat.  And we love to try new things.  So all of us came up with a new recipe to bring to the potluck so we could have a feast!! Think Thanksgiving meets Christmas dinner?

First, let's start off with my night/midnight/morning snacks :)

Last night, my roommate made a POT of curried stew that was about to take over our refrigerator, freezer, and kitchen sink if we didn't put a dent in it.  So while she heated up the stew, I decided to roast some asparagus and sweet potato fries to add some veggies!  The curry had an amazing flavor - really spicy and flavorful - which gladly found its way into my happy tummy.

While we were debating on whether or not to get off the couch and make our way to the neighborhood frozen yogurt place, Henry (Mr. Macaron) decided that he was going to play chauffeur and bring our two friends from Ohio to In-N-Out... because they had never tried the famous California landmark burger joint!! Then, my roommate who's originally from Florida, mentioned she had never been... So obviously I had to tag along.  Duh.

But... we stopped for froyo first.  That's obviously the sane thing to do.

My cup of love is on the left :) Pistachio creme and Vanilla bean with graham crackers, almonds, carob chips, and waffle cone crumbles.  Yes, that is their SMALLEST size.  It's called a "mini." More like mini heart-attack... but who am I kidding, I finished that - noooo problem.

So anyways, with fully bellies, we embarked on an adventure.  In-N-Out.

Two double doubles with grilled onion, one "veggie" cheese burger with grilled onion, one double double with no onion and wrapped in lettuce (protein style), and an order of animal style fries.  
Can I just point out that there are only 4 burgers and there are 5 people.  Guess who behaved ?!?!  I didn't order any in-n-out!!! But I gladly sampled a bite here and there :)


Thank God I behaved myself, because I saved room for today's goodies :):)

Breakfast, for the second time in my life, was not oatmeal.  Woah, I know.  
I decided to use up some of my other fridge items in preparation for my departure next week (more on that later!).  So I toasted a whole wheat sandwich thin, scrambled some egg whites, topped it with cheese, and added raspberry jam to the other side.  This combo is amazing!!

Check out that cheeeeeese!
After breakfast and a huge cup of vanilla coffee, I dragged my roommate on my morning run.  We decided to do 4 miles and then stop for groceries so we could get ready for the potluck club :)

Let me show you our fantastic dishes:

My roommate made mozzarella, mushroom and spinach stuffed pizza rolls.  Its like monkey bread but for pizza! and she topped the dish with onions and mozzarella.  We dipped it in marinara sauce!

I made Stuffed Kabocha Squash & Easy Biscuits and Mushroom Risotto Gravy 

- 1/2 of a Kabocha squash
- 1/2 of a chopped onion
- 2 tbls of minced garlic
- 1 cup of bulgar
- 2 Tbls of tomato paste
- 2 cups of chopped peppers - red green and yellow
- 2 cups of water
- Cinnamon, cumin, salt, pepper to taste

1. After removing the seeds from the squash, sprinkle cinnamon, salt, and pepper on the inside of the squash and bake on a sheet, face down, at 375 for about 30-40 minutes.  The squash should be pokable with a fork :)
2. Saute the garlic, onion and peppers, then add the bulgar and water.  Add in spices and tomato paste and let it simmer for about 30 minutes.  Stir occasionally so the bulgar doesn't stick to the bottom.

Easy Biscuits and Mushroom Risotto Gravy

Easy Biscuits & Gravy
- package of Pillsbury biscuits (makes 8)
- packet of country gravy mix
- Frozen mushroom risotto (from T-Joes!)
- chopped baby bella mushrooms
- NOTE: you can make this delicious dish without the risotto, I just had extra so I plopped it in

Henry brought an amazing carrot cake from the italian market place.

Our Ohio friend - we call her the bumpkin :) - brought her home made guacamole, chips, and apple slices.  I ended up eating the guacamole with EVERYTHING.   Including the apple slices.  It was sooo good!

Now, I'm pleasantly stuffed.  We ended up walking to get ice cream to just push us over the edge... we really don't learn our lessons, do we?

We're sitting on the couch, digesting, before heading back to the gym for abs&back class, total weights, and a yoga class by candle light :)  Let's hope I don't puke in down ward dog.

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