Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Body Slammed.

I have a riddle for you!

What happens when a blind man is inept at using his walking stick? He runs into you on the Bart train.

 I was on my way to the airport, minding my own business, when a blind man started wacking me with his walking stick.... I didn't mind?  I guess it's part of the risks you assume with public transport.  AND THEN when his stop came, he proceeded to run into me multiple times while trying to find his way out of the train :(  everyone was trying to help him... and I kept getting body slammed.  I mean, I guess that's cool.  It was just a little awkward...

Anyways, I was on the Bart because I'm on my way to the airport!!!! Where am I going, you ask?  There will be detailed posts shortly - but for now, I've said my goodbyes to beautiful Northern California and I don't plan on returning without a killer tan and some good food in my belly :)

So, I decided I didn't want to be a lazy ass today, you know how traveling is - you wake up, eat, sit on your butt for god knows how many hours, stand, pee, eat.... etc.  There's little room for exercise in a schedule like that.  And, let's be honest, the likelihood of me dragging my tired, just-traveled-for-an-entire-day butt to the gym upon my arrival is like slim to none.

I set my alarm for 5:00 and decided to go on a nice run to get myself all tired out for the plane ride.  I HATE when I can't sleep on planes... I ended up having way more energy at 5 am than I usually do around 6 pm, so I did a nice 7 miler in 60 minutes.  I tackled some fun hills (probably 4 miles worth... knowing NorCal terrain) and did some sprint intervals (sprint for a minute, recover, etc.).  Needless to say, after a shower and a few last minute pre-travel things...  I was ready for food.  And a nap.

Because my apartment is basically void of all food at the moment (I seriously know how to clean out a fridge), I ended up having a bowl of fiber one cereal & honey whole wheat puffed cereal with almond milk and a sliced up nanner.  UMM I don't know why I never have this combo for breakfast!  It was amazing :) Maybe I found a new favorite? Okay no, cake batter pudding oats still has my heart.

After an incredibly long ride to the airport..... A few body slams from the blindy... and a hectic sprint through security, I arrived at the gate, all ready to board.

Upon boarding, I demolished my Loaded Lavash Wrap. Care to guess what was in it?  Some of my leftover vegan chili, some guacamole, and a few handfuls of spinach.  IT WAS SO AMAZING.  It kind of tasted like an indian concoction of some sort... like when you're at a buffet and you end up eating a big pile of funky-colored mush but it all tastes delicious?  Yep.  That was my wrap.

I just found out we might be delayed for 3 hours, so I'm not a happy camper.  Especially since those seven miles have left me a littttttle drained of energy and a lottttttt sleep deprived.  They better come around with peanuts other the unlucky fellow next to me will be missing an arm, and maybe a leg, by the time we land.  He's skinny.  Most definitely will be legless.


I LANDED!! and only 2 hours delayed :) woohoo! My sister and my daddy-o met me at the airport, and I regaled them with stories of my bloated-ness on the plane ride.  The guy next to me was probably loving the fact that he was stuck in a sealed container with me for 5 hours.

But guesssss what I came home to :) ?!?!
A Falafel FEAST from Sorrento Grill - a great Mediterranean place that often acts as our "go-to"

Hummus + deep fried balls = kinda my thing

So, you know how I eat a lot?  You know how dessert is a whole separate category of "meals" for me?  ummm have you met my sister?  and more importantly... have you seen us in action together?

After dinner, our sweet tooth STRUCK.  So we hopped in the car and hit up our local grocery store for some chocolate fixings.  We walked out with an ice cream cake (vanilla and chocolate with chocolate crunch bits...) and a pack of 39 m&m cookies!?!? WHAT?!

sweet dreams?  I think so

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