Saturday, July 2, 2011

Foodies LOVE their fairs

Okay, I can't believe I'm sitting on my mom's couch writing this post because honestly I wasn't sure I was going to survive the last two days... is it possible to overdose on delicious food?

I decided to go back to my roots [SoCal, baby!] in order to pay homage to our struggle for independence -- alright, basically I flew down here so I could hang out with my mom and my sister (my best friends), munch on homemade pizza & smores at our 4th of July bbq... and... GO TO THE FAIR!

Let's rewind to Thursday night, my baking adventures :)
My sister, who is an avid follower of my blog [one of 3 haha] saw my post on black bean brownies and requested some healthy treats upon her arrival, so I searched my favorite blogs to come up with a few recipes that she would love

I decided to try out Chocolate-Covered Katie's Chocolate-Chip Blondies (vegan) and her famous Fudge Daddies (also vegan!)

Can anyone guess what makes these desserts so delicious & soo healthy?  For the blondies, the secret ingredient is a can of garbanzo beans!  & for the fudge daddies: tofu!

Click here for the blondies & here for the fudge daddies recipe!!
I made a few minor adjustments, mostly because I was missing one - or three - ingredients, but they still turned out amazing!  And my sister was pleasantly surprised :) 

Of course, I still had room for my all-time favorite frozen yogurt spot: GOLDEN SPOON!!!!!
This was my go-to location for all things celebratory, date-like, stress-relieving... basically I found an excuse to "stop by" and get a mini frozen yogurt cup.. everyday.

We awoke at a bright and early 5 am to make some yummy breakfast, exercise a bit, and get some errands out of the way before heading to THE FAIR!! 

On my plate for breakfast, or rather in my bowl, was some overnight oatmeal with raisins and spice :)  and some delicious dunkin' donuts coffee in my favorite mug!  I love being home!

Then, I did a quick two mile run before hitting our home gym (I'm being nice when I say home gym) to do some strength training.

Okay we all know that my excursions to Trader Joes, Costco and some random pool and spa place were filled with crazy fun moments... but let's skip forward to the good stuff: THE FAIR.  And when I say the FAIR, I really mean the fair food. 

We pulled out all the stops for this trip.  After all, this event only comes once a year, so of course we had to try everything... I mean everything.
- We started off the fair with a sampling of deep fried snickers (which tastes like an gooey, melted snickers inside of a sweet corn bread-like bun)

- Then we made our way to the australian beer battered fries which were beer battered cheesy potatoes that we dipped in ketchup and then this really cool sauce (cream cheese and sweet & sour sauce - soooo good)

- We took a break and decided to be true fair-goers and hit some rides.  Especially before our stomachs got any fuller... for some reason fair food and fair rides do NOT play well together :) So my sister and I headed towards the craziest, flip-you-upside-down-until-you-puke type rides and enjoyed the blood rushing to our heads as we screamed our little hearts out.  Luckily for the cute guys working the fair, there were no accidents (sometimes I pee a little, okay? it's natural)
- THEN we headed inside to the shopping/exhibit area, where we immediately honed in on this HUGE chocolate chip ice cream sandwich - home made obviously - and it tasted like heaven.  It took 4 of us to polish one of those suckers off... of course I'm sure if I had enough time I could have easily tackled it as a solo project.

- This was the point of no return....
- We headed to this indian fry bread stand and had a mexican taco indian fry bread - think taco stuffings (meat, melty cheese, salsa, beans, cheese, cheese) on top of this fry bread... delicious?
- And then we spotted some Mexican funnel cake, which is basically deep fried churros that you top with funnel cake things and eat like a funnel cake.  SOOOO GOOOOOOD.  But I could obviously feel my arteries closing
- I nibbled on my mom's turkey leg (that sounds weird, but I guess I need my protein right?)
- Nibbled on some deep fried avacado....
yes they tried to make our favorite - fruit? - a deep fried delicacy and I'm pretty sure it fell short :/

OKAY finally, we had to be cut off.  I almost had to unbutton my pants to sit down comfortably, so that's kind of how you know when you need to stop eating. 

Overall - I'd say it was a job well done :) My tummy wasn't too happy with me but at the same time, it was in heaven.  sugar overdose!!!

Anyways, you won't believe what tomorrow's activity is.  Hint: it involves yoga and water.

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