Monday, July 25, 2011

New Places Call For a New Morning Routine

Guys, I might have to abandon the good ole rise at six, eat your oatmeal, drink your coffee routine in favor of this glorious new vacation routine.

Let me tell you how it goes, then we can take a vote:

Rise at 5:30-6 ish and head downstairs for a little bfast (a fig, a piece of bakery bread and jam)

Head out to Mt. Marjan for a gorgeous run along this 5 mile trail that takes you around the entire mountain along the coast of the Adriatic Sea... You're too distracted by the views to even realize that you just had an awesome cardio workout.  Sister, Dad and I try to keep that balance between gorging ourselves on food and pastries and running...occasionally.  Sister is an expert at this mountain run business - she tackled the trail every morning before the rest of us woke up the last time we were here.

Walking to the mountain

Views from our mountain run

On the way back from Marjan, stop at the local bakery just to take a peek to buy pastries and desserts of all kinds, just to sample.  We only like high quality calories... so obviously we have to taste test every bakery we walk past.  Duh.

Spinach, egg, and cheese pastry

Meet and cheese bourek

"healthy donut" - doughy bread with sugar

"best pop tart ever" raspberry filled pastry

Chocolate and coconut moist cake!!!!

Walk Sprint the 4 ft from the bakery to the apartment and snack on all your goodies while Dad makes some freshly cut bacon! You know its fresh when there is still cartilage attached... mmm :)

Splattering bacon! I took a few hits from the grease

Yoga on the terrace.  Shower.  Rest.

What do we think of the new morning routine?  A keeper?

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