Thursday, July 14, 2011

Recovery time

9.7 miles.  Oh yeah. There's nothing like the burn of a near-ten-mile run to start your day off on the right foot... feet? Oh yeah. There's nothing like the burn of your legs CHAFING to realize that you probably should have prepared a little bit more before embarking on this half-baked adventure.  Oops.

I actually started off this morning similar to how I ended my night yesterday: FULL with a sore tummy.
(Note to self: if you plan on consuming twice your body weight in desserts and Mexican food... make sure that you're within 5 feet of a restroom at all times for the next ohhh 24 hours?)

For once in my life, I did NOT want to eat breakfast.  I took my time sipping my usual cup(s) of coffee, hoping that my stomach would calm down a bit and breakfast would seem a little more appealing.  After a few trips to visit my good friend, the porcelain throne, I decided to eat a bowl of puffed rice cereal topped with about half a nanner and some almond milk.  LAME I know.  This is so unlike me...  (hahahah did anyone just realize that I described my breakfast and used the word toilet in the same sentence.  This is like a routine dinner conversation in my household).

I decided that running my stomach pains off would be a good idea.  This was probably the first mistake I made.  Have you ever tried to run 10 miles with your butt cheeks clenched??  Alright, I shouldn't be that negative.  I actually had a great run, which is why I decided to extend my usual 5-6 miler.  I even tackled some hugeee hills - this is a nice "you probably should have stopped after the first 3 courses" wake up call, if you're ever looking for one.

Anyways, I could probably list the a million things that I thought about during my run (I have to poop, my stomach hurts, I wonder if they have Butterbeer frozen yogurt, I seriously have to poop) but let's skip to lunch and recovery snackie poos.  Oh god. Now I'm including inappropriate bathroom words in all of my food-related sentences...

I drank a few liters of water. Grabbed a handful of almonds and walnuts. Some tea. THEN my stomach started to grumble... and this was a "feed me now" growl - the good kind :):)

I made myself an easy/fast lunch to remedy the situation...
Lavash Lunch Wrap
But really, mine usually includes:
- One lavash wrap (120 calories and HUGE!)
- Mustard
- Bulgar
- Lettuce
- Tomatoes
- Onion
- Two slices of Kraft Singles Light cheese :)
sometimes soy crumbles, but I wasn't feeling meat today.

I heated up the lavash, mustard and bulgar in the convection oven, topped it with cheese and let that melt.  Then added all the veggies.  SO good! This was just what I needed.  I take these wraps with me when I know I need something that won't perish, something that will fill me up, and something that is low in calories BUT still delicious.  (I know... damn calorie counting).

I made another Medifast brownie/lava cake concoction before running, yes my legs were just as surprised as you are, out the door to the gym where I work.  Um CAN I JUST SAY my supervisor is the greatest guy you'll ever meet?  Guess what he brought me...

What is that, you ask?  A VEGAN CINNAMON ROLL WITH VANILLA BEAN FROSTING AND BLUEBERRIES!!!! Yes, it was still warm when he delivered it on my desk :) Before you go thinking this guy is a total creeper... 1) He's my friend, not just my super and 2) He knows my detox ended yesterday, so he figured we should probably celebrate.
He's lucky I'm such a nice girl because I definitely split that with him... although I'd have no problem finishing it off in two bite and licking the plate clean (okay I still licked the plate)
OH and another thing, can you imagine how weird it is to walk into a gym and see the girl who is working the front desk chowing down on cinnamon buns and icing?  Apparently it's unheard of.  I got close to 80 weird and dirty looks from those poor souls who can't let themselves enjoy some decadence every once in awhile.... obviously I can.

okay okay okay I'm rushing to finish this post before I head out with my roomie and my foodie friend, I shall dub him Mr. Macaron, to do some exploring :) 

You know what exploring usually means... I'll keep you guys posted on what ends up in my mouth tonight.  EW.  Sorry...

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