Sunday, July 24, 2011

We Came For A Vacation, But We'll Stay For the Food

Since arriving in Croatia, I've had to come to terms with a few things...
1. People don't deodorize, they like to go natural
2. Taking 5 hour naps in the middle of the day is gunna happen
3. Eating until you can't move... that's gunna happen too
4. Working out will be a little challenging
5. Gelato is now its own food group

We ventured into "town" to hit up the local markets & make a few stops at the grocery store.  We walked away with more than enough food and enough money spent to revive the Croatian economy...

Snacks and B-Fast: Bourek (cheese-stuffed pastry) and a spinach and cheese pastry

Lunch: apparently the best Cevapcici place in the city is located on our street. SCORE.
Cevap is a Croatian dish - ground beef (hamburger-like) shaped into fingers and grilled. SO GOOD.

After a 5 hour nap...
(That's obviously the best way to digest after a huge ass meal)

We met up with the family and friends for a delicious dinner in the square.  Anything with the words pizza in the title, count me in.

- Appetizers: Moules (mussels in garlic and wine sauce) & Shrimp scampi with french fries!

- Main course: Vegetarian pizza and grilled veggies

GELATO.  What else? Snickers gelato dipped in chocolate... I also finished Sister's Rocher gelato

Now, we're "digesting" in bed with cookies and a movie. 
I love vacation

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